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History and Local Villages

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History and Local Villages

Kwai Tsing District was established in 1985. Although it is a quite young district, its history could be chased back to the Qing Dynasty.


Names like 'Kwai Chung', 'Chun Fa Lok' and 'Kwai Chung Zi', 'Tsing Yi' were recorded respectively on a map in the "Yuet Tai Kei", which was drawn in the Ming Dynasty, and a documentary "The Gazetteer of the Xin'an County" written in the Qing Dynasty. Geographically, it is believed that these places are today's Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi.

Local villages

Kau Wa Keng Village, Ha Kwai Chung Village, Chung Mei Lo Uk Tsuen, Lam Tin Resite Village and Tai Wong Ha Resite Village were traditional Hakka villages settled in Kwai Tsing district. Besides, some people living on the boat (also called ‘Tanka people') settled in Mun Tsai Tong and Tsing Yi Lagoon in the past, which are today's Maritime Square and Tsing Yi Garden.