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The Hok Hoi Collection consists of some 34,600 volumes with over 1,900 titles of Chinese classics across the disciplines. A great deal of the collection is classical Chinese thread-sewn rare books with the most valuable ones being out-of-print books, manuscripts of Chinese classics, lecture notes and the Hok Hoi Collection catalogues. The books published by the Hok Hoi Library are also worth reading as they are of high academic standards.



Central Reference Library, 9/F of Hong Kong Central Library


Available for public use in the Central Reference Library. Some of the items in the collection are digitized for browsing via MMIS in the Internet or inside public libraries.


The Hok Hoi Library was founded in 1923 with its aims to promote and lecture on Chinese classics. As the Library had to move out from its original address of Central, all the books were removed to the City Hall Public Library in 1963 for long-term preservation. The collection was then transferred to the Hong Kong Central Reference Library in 2001 for public consultation in the library. To facilitate users to browse the full-text of the Chinese classics of the collection, the Hong Kong Public Libraries is gradually digitizing the Chinese classics from the collection for easy access by the public for research and study.

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