電腦設施使用規則 Conditions of Use of Computer Facilities

  1. 公共圖書館免費提供互聯網數碼站,歡迎市民使用,12歲以下者請使用兒童互聯網數碼站。
    Members of the public are welcome to use the public libraries' Internet & Digital Service Workstations free of charge. Children aged below 12 may use the Kid's Internet & Digital Service Workstations.

  2. 使用圖書館電腦設施前請先預約。市民可在使用工作站或多媒體館藏前7天內(包括使用當日)預約。如擬即日使用設施,預約程序必須在使用時段開始前15分鐘完成。市民如在圖書館服務櫃台預約設施,須填妥表格和出示有效的身份證明文件,例如香港公共圖書館圖書證或香港身份證;如致電服務櫃台職員預約,在認領預約時須出示身份證明文件。圖書館登記讀者可使用多媒體資訊系統的網上預約服務。圖書館職員可要求預約者出示香港公共圖書館圖書證或香港身份證,以便核實身份。
    Prior booking is required for using the library computer facilities. Members of the public may book a workstation or multimedia content 7 days in advance (including the date of use). If users want to make a booking for the current day, they should complete the booking procedures 15 minutes before the session begins. Users who place bookings in person at the service counter are required to complete a form and produce valid proof of identity, such as the Library Card of the Hong Kong Public Libraries or Hong Kong Identity Card. For bookings by telephone, users are required to produce valid proof of identity when they claim their bookings. Registered readers may use the MMIS online booking service. Users are required to produce upon request their library cards or Hong Kong Identity Cards for verification.

  3. 不得使用「擔保人專用圖書證」預約工作站或多媒體館藏。
    The "Library Card for Guarantor's Use" cannot be used for booking workstations or multimedia content.

  4. 每天預約包括工作站或多媒體館藏最多不可超過兩節時段,時間合共不超過4小時。工作站預約時段每節為1小時或2小時;多媒體館藏預約時間每節上限2小時或3小時,按館藏的播放時間(以小時為單位)和圖書館的時限而定:
    User may book a maximum of 2 sessions with the total length of time not exceeding 4 hours a day (including booking of workstation or content). The duration of a workstation booking is 1 hour or 2 hours per session. For multimedia content, the maximum duration of a booked session is 2 or 3 hours each, subject to the time length (on an hourly basis) of the reserved item(s) and the time limit of respective libraries :

    • 使用者預約香港中央圖書館的工作站或多媒體館藏,每天最多可預約兩節時段,時間合共不超過4小時。
      Users who reserve workstations or multimedia content at the Hong Kong Central Library may book a maximum of 2 sessions with the total length of time not exceeding 4 hours a day.
    • 使用者預約分區圖書館的工作站或多媒體館藏,每天最多可預約兩節時段,時間合共不超過2小時。
      Users who reserve workstations or multimedia content at branch libraries may book a maximum of 2 sessions with the total length of time not exceeding 2 hours a day.

    • 預約使用工作站可選擇兩節相連時段,唯每節不可超逾1小時並須屬同一工作站群組。
      Users who book workstation only can select two consecutive sessions, each session cannot be longer than 1 hour and must be in the same workstation group.

  5. 使用者須於預約時段開始前15分鐘至開始後10分鐘內,在預約工作站群組的工作站認領預約;如使用者逾期未能認領預約,其預約會被取消,有關設施會即時分配予其他合資格的輪候人士。
    Users are required to claim their bookings at a workstation in the reserved workstation group within 15 minutes before or within 10 minutes after the session's start time. If a booking has not been claimed within 10 minutes after the session begins, it will be cancelled and reallocated to other eligible users in the queue.

  6. 使用者必須在預約時段結束後離開工作站。
    Users shall vacate the workstation after their booked session ends.

  7. 無人預約或輪候的工作站,可供市民即時使用。
    Unreserved workstations with no users in the queue are available for immediate use.

  8. 在多媒體資訊系統獲取內容和資料,必須遵守《多媒體資訊系統使用條款》的規定。
    Access to content and materials in the MMIS is governed by the Terms of Use of the MMIS.

  9. 使用圖書館列印設施須繳付費用,詳情請參閱有關圖書館公告或向職員查詢。
    A fee is payable for the use of printing facilities of the library. Please refer to the relevant library notice or approach library staff for details.

  10. 嚴禁通過圖書館網絡發送非應邀電子訊息(不論屬商業或非商業性質),或瀏覽內容含有淫褻、不雅、暴力、令人反感、誹謗、恐嚇或歧視成分的網頁,或參與網上遊戲或賭博。使用者亦不得自攜鐳射唱片、唯讀光碟(用以儲存使用者自行製作的檔案除外)、影音光碟、數碼影音光碟或電腦軟件在工作站使用。
    Users are strictly prohibited from sending any unsolicited electronic messages (whether of commercial or non-commercial nature) via the library's network or accessing websites containing materials which are obscene, indecent, violent, disgusting, libellous, threatening or discriminating in nature or engaging in online games or gambling. They are also not allowed to bring their own CDs, CD-ROMs (except those used as storage media for files produced by users themselves), VCDs, DVDs, or any computer software for use in the workstations.

  11. 使用者可在工作站列印或以自備的USB記憶裝置儲存自行製作的檔案。在使用自備的記憶裝置前,必須先掃描電腦病毒。
    Users may print out materials from files produced by themselves or save these files into their own USB memory devices. They shall scan the memory devices for virus before operating them on the workstations.

  12. 複製版權作品的行為受《版權條例》限制。使用電腦設施列印、下載或瀏覽互聯網或多媒體館藏資料,必須確保不會侵犯版權或其他知識產權。如欲閱覽《版權條例》全文,請聯絡圖書館職員。
    Copying of a copyright work is an act restricted by the Copyright Ordinance. Users shall make sure there is no infringement of copyright or other intellectual property rights when using the computer facilities for printing, downloading and browsing the Internet and MMIS materials. Please contact the library staff for the full text of the Copyright Ordinance.

  13. 在使用工作站電腦軟件時,必須遵守軟件使用合約的條款及條件。嚴禁抄錄工作站安裝的軟件或檔案。
    Users must comply with the terms and conditions under relevant licensing agreements when using the computer software in the workstations. Duplication of software or file(s) from the workstations is strictly prohibited.

  14. 在使用者離開工作站前,應登出所有網上帳戶、關閉瀏覽器和登出使用時段,以保障個人資料。
    To safeguard their personal data, users are advised to log out from all online accounts, close the browsers and sign off the session before leaving the workstation.

  15. 如因使用電腦設施而引致損失或損害,圖書館概不負責。
    The library shall not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the use of computer facilities.

  16. 為他人設想,使用者應保持安靜。切勿在圖書館內飲食、睡覺或吸煙,並應把流動電話或傳呼機關掉或設定至靜音或震動模式。
    Users shall minimise any noise they make so as not to disturb other users. Eating, drinking, sleeping and smoking are not permitted in the library. Mobile phones or pagers shall be switched off or set to silent or vibration mode.

  17. 如使用者中途離座超過15分鐘,圖書館職員有權移走使用者留在工作站的個人物品,並即時把工作站分配予其他合資格的輪候人士。
    Library staff are authorised to remove all personal belongings from the workstations which have been left vacant for over 15 minutes and reallocate the workstations to other eligible users in the queue.

  18. 不得損壞圖書館電腦設施或更改工作站的系統設定。
    Users shall not cause any damage to the library computer facilities or any changes to the system settings of workstations.

  19. 如發現任何違規行為,必須立即通知圖書館職員。
    Any irregularities shall be reported to library staff immediately.

  20. 圖書館職員可要求違反本使用規則和《圖書館規例》的人士即時離開。
    Persons in breach of these Conditions of Use and the Libraries Regulation may be required to leave the library immediately.

  21. 圖書館館長有權決定是否准許任何人使用圖書館電腦設施。
    Permission to use the library computer facilities is at the discretion of the librarian.