• Chinese Children's Literature in Children's Paradise
  • Marine Animals
  • Animiated Films Highlight

    Animated films

    List of animations in stock of Hong Kong Central Library for viewing inside Library.
  • Children Multimedia Collection

    Children Multimedia Collection

    To search or list the children multimedia resources on language, mathematics, general studies, art and intelligence games for use.

  • Children Picture and Story Books

    Children Picture and Story Books

    Through the award-winning Chinese children picture and story books written by different generations, readers can share the joy and novelty of the kids.

  • 兒童圖畫故事叢書及兒童文藝叢書
  • Children's Paradise

    Children's Paradise

    Includes popular comics, historical stories, fairy tales, children songs and folk rhymes, riddles, games, daily knowledge and so on.
  • Language Learning

    Language Learning

    Access to an abundance of language learning resources covering everyday conversation, business communication, travel, Chinese dialects, stories and literature for children and examination reference materials.



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