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Zhang Shenzhi Xiansheng Zheng Bei Xixiang Miben (Story of the Western Chamber Revised by Zhang Shenzhi), 5 juan

Written by Wang Dexin (ca. 1260-1316) and Guan Hanqing (ca. 1220-1300) of Yuan Dynasty; revised by Zhang Shenzhi of Ming Dynasty. Engraved edition of Chongzhen Period (1610-1644), Ming Dynasty.

The Xixiang Ji (Story of the Western Chamber) has long been widely acknowledged as a masterpiece of the Yuan Northern-style Zaju. The six illustrations in the Zhang Shenzhi Xiansheng Zheng Bei Xixiang Miben were drawn by the renowned late Ming artist and calligrapher Chen Hongshou and engraved by the famous sculptor Xiang Nanzhou, making this copy immensely valuable. The artworks also best represented the distinctive woodblock printing techniques of China in the 17th century.