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Yuanqu Xuan Tu (Illustrations from Selected Yuan Dramas) , 1 juan

Compiled and edited by Zang Manxun (1550-1620); engraved by Huang Yingguang, Huang Liqing, Huang Duanfu, et al. Hangzhou Diaochong Guan Edition in the 44th year of the Wanli Period (1616), Ming Dynasty.

The Yuanqu Xuan (Selected Yuan Dramas), compiled and edited by Zang Maoxun, is a collection of 100 dramas, of which 94 works were from the Yuan Dynasty and six from the early Ming Dynasty. It is the most commonly used edition of Yuan plays and is extremely significant as it has preserved a lot of extant dramatic compositions from the two dynasties. The 224 illustrations in the collection are all of very fine quality and they were compiled into one single volume, titled "Yuanqu Xuan Tu".