Rare Books

Yuzhi Guwen Yuanjian (Anthology of Ancient Essays, Imperial Edition), 64 juan

Selected by Emperor Kangxi (1654-1722); compiled and annotated by Xu Qianxue (1631-1711). Five-colour edition printed in red, yellow, orange, blue and green inks in the 49th year of Kangxi Period (1710), Qing Dynasty.

The Yuzhi Guwen Yuanjian, also known as the Yuanjian Zhai Guwen Xuan, is a comprehensive anthology of classical prose literature compiled and annotated, under orders from Emperor Kangxi, by Xu Qianxue. Comprising 693 famous works from the ancient times through the end of the Song Dynasty, it is much valued for its fine polychromatic printing where different colours were used to mark the punctuations, text proper and comments made by Emperor Kangxi and other scholars.