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Yangzheng Tujie (Illustrated Compendium on Moral Cultivation)

Compiled by Jiao Hong (1541-1620); annotated by Wu Jixu; illustrated by Ding Yunpeng; engraved by Huang Qi. Nanjing Kuibi Zhai Edition in the 22nd year of Wanli Period (1594), Ming Dynasty.

Jiao Hong, a famous scholar and prolific author in the Ming Dynasty, was appointed in 1593 as one of the lecturers to Zhu Changluo, the eldest son and eventual heir of the Wanli Emperor. The Yangzheng Tujie, an illustrated compendium of some 60 maxims and exemplary deeds drawn from historical events, was expressly compiled for Zhu Changluo's moral cultivation. The illustrations in the book were drawn by the renowned figure painter Ding Yunpeng (1547-1628), who had been specially invited to Nanjing to participate in this book project.