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Lidai Minggong Huapu (Manual of Paintings by Famous Masters of Successive Periods), 4 juan

Compiled by Gu Bing; proofread and edited by Xu Shuhui; engraved by Liu Guangxin. Hulin Shuanggui Tang Edition in the 31st year of Wanli Period (1603), Ming Dynasty.

Lidai Minggong Huapu is a collection of paintings by famous Chinese artists from the Jin to Ming Dynasties as copied by Gu Bing. It is also an illustrated history of Chinese paintings narrated through the works of 106 artists, each represented by a single selection engraved on woodblocks by Liu Guangxin. The paintings covered a wide variety of subjects, including landscapes, bird and flower paintings, as well as figural compositions. Today the original edition of Lidai Minggong Huapu has become extremely scarce since it was first printed in 1603.