Texts and Illustrations from China's Ethnic Minorities

Three Hundred Icons of Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan text. Compiled by Zhangjia Ruobiduoji. Block-printed edition in the Songzhu Temple in the reign of Emperor Qianlong. Chinese pothi binding.

Tibetan text was created in the 7th century by combining the Sanskrit and the language of the Tibetan people. Zhangjia Ruobiduoji (1717-1786), Sprul Sku, was a learned man who wrote a large number of Buddhism books to promote the religion. The exhibit is an item written by him to help Tibetan Buddhist followers identify the images of Buddha, Bodhisattva and dharmapala, and it contains a total of 300 icons of Tibetan Buddhism. This book is an important piece of literature for research in Tibetan Buddhism and the drawing of the Tibetan Buddhas.