Epigraphic and Pictorial Rubbings

Daode Jing in the Calligraphy of Zhao Mengfu

Calligraphy by Zhao Mengfu (ca. 1254-1322) in the 3rd year of Yanyou Period (1316), Yuan Dynasty. Engraved by Wu Shichang in 1318; ink rubbed on yellow paper; accordion-style mounting.

The Daode Jing is one of the principal Taoism canonical texts written by Li Er of the "Spring and Autumn Period". Zhao Mengfu, one of the preeminent calligraphers and painters of the Yuan Dynasty, is known to have made several complete transcriptions of the Daode Jing in his exquisite small xiaokai (regular-script) calligraphy. This exhibit was written in the 3rd year of the Yanyou Period (1316) and was engraved by Wu Shichang on a set of ten stone tablets two years later.