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Unforgettable Incidents@Kwun Tong


Block  Rainstorm Disasters 1972  Block

The persistence of the heavy rain during 16 to 18 June 1972 caused various disasters in Hong Kong. One of the worst disasters was a serious landslide at Sau Mau Ping resettlement areas at Tsui Ping Road, Kwun Tong, resulting in 71 dead 52 injured. The disaster area was developed as the present Hiu Kwong Street Rest Garden and Sau Mau Ping Memorial Park.


Block  The No. 5 Alarm Fire in the Sau Mau Ping Squatter Area  Block

Charred remains of the disastrous No. 5 Alarm Fire occurred in Lok On Tsuen, Sau Mau Ping on 22 August 1981 are seen in the background of the photo. The then Acting Governor Sir Jack Cater was inspecting the area after the fire. He was the first Commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (1974-1978). Looking west from the playground of Bethel No. 3 Primary School, Block 45 of Sau Mau Ping Estate is seen in the background. Fire victims of Lok On Tsuen were queuing up at the playground to collect cash relief.

Block  The No. 5 Alarm Fire in the Lam Tin Squatter Area  Block

A No. 5 alarm fire ravaged the squatter huts of Lam Tin in November 1981. It destroyed Yuen Mon Tsuen, Oi Wah Tsuen and Lam Mei Tsuen in the area. Upper photo from left to right is showing Sing Yin Secondary School, St. Paul's School (Lam Tin) and Lam Tin (East) Estate Community Centre. The Sing Yin Secondary School and Lam Tin (East) Estate Community Centre have been relocated to New Clear Water Bay Road and Kai Tin Road respectively. Some fire victims are shown in the front part of the photo.