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Includes 480 inventory items for public access. Available in Chinese version only (with English abstracts for Ethnic Minorities Groups items).

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Intangible Cultural Heritage Office, 2 Kwu Uk Lane, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong


The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) commissioned the South China Research Center of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in August 2009 to conduct a territory-wide survey of the intangible cultural heritage (ICH) of Hong Kong, with a view to collecting research data for compilation in the first ICH inventory of Hong Kong. After more than three years of studies, the survey was completed in mid-2013. Taking into account the survey findings and the suggestions received from the public consultation, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee, finally recommended a Hong Kong ICH inventory of 480 items. The first inventory was formally announced by the Government on 17 June, 2014.

The Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Database was launched in the fall of 2018, providing the public with in-depth information on the items from the Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory of Hong Kong in phases.


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Notice to User


Oral history material is extracted from people's memories, which inevitably become blurred or distorted in the course of time. Accounts provided by the interviewee and the modes of expression used are affected by many factors, including the place and time of the interview, his/her health condition, the identity of the interviewer and the nature of the interaction during the conversation. Or, the information of the interview might differ with the environmental factors under which the interview is undertaken. Recorded information generated by oral interviews is primary source materials and not definitive historical fact. Users are advised to verify independently the accuracy of materials in this database in the course of their enquiry. The interviewees, research institute and the LCSD are not responsible for any error or falsehood in the content of the database.

Guide to citation:

Readers are welcome to cite or reproduce parts of the interview content or written summaries. They are suggested to use the following citation format: (Title of Major Item and Sub‐item), (Code), (Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Database, Multimedia Information System website of Hong Kong Public Libraries) (https://mmis.hkpl.gov.hk/ich) and (Date of Citation). Citation or reproduction may only be made for non-profit making purposes.

Contact and enquiries:

For comments and suggestions on the Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Database, please contact Intangible Cultural Heritage Office via email (icho@lcsd.gov.hk).