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Animal Kingdom

Our living earth consists of boundless sky, dense forests and vast ocean. There have different kinds of animals being bred in the diversity of ecological environment, birds that can fly in the sky freely, some insects that can survive in roasting deserts, while others are marine life that can swim in the deep sea. Actually, different animals have their own distinctive body structures to adapt to their living environments. Dear children, which animal do you like most? Do you know what the species they are? If you want to learn more about the animals in Hong Kong, you can visit the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens or Hong Kong Wetland Park with your parents during the holiday so that you can closely observe the behaviours of animals and experience the beauty of nature.

Apart from this, we can also utilize the resources from "Multimedia Information System" to strengthen our knowledge of animals. The e-book "Endangered Animals of the Jungle" brings us to discover the creatures deeply hidden in the jungles, and elaborate how human activities affect their living environments and the challenges that lie ahead. It also teaches children how to live harmoniously with the animals. Let us enter into the magical animal kingdom and look for distinctive animals over the world!


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