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Be a Little Chef

Dear children, have you ever kneaded dough? Do you know how to make sandwiches? Have you ever fried eggs? Though cooking is the basic skill of daily life, we can make use of different foods and prepare delicious recipes, which is a miracle and interesting thing. It will be full of pride when a recipe is successfully prepared. For example, children can cut the cookies into their favourite shapes when making them. Through cooking, children can know more about various ingredient of food and the nutritional value. Also, from participating into cooking, it can not only train up children’s observation and understanding skills, but also develop their patience.

Meanwhile, we can obtain more information on cooking from the "Multimedia Information System". The e-book "Cooking with kids gives them an important lifelong skill!" shares how to observe children’s personality and thoughts through cooking, and helps parents to discover their hidden potentials. Another e-book "親子Play Kitchen: 教出識煮惜食的孩子" introduces how to build up a healthy diet through parent-child cooking activities. Hurry up and make your favourite food with your parents!


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