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Protect our World

Our Earth is very beautiful, in which there has blue sky, fertile land, dense forest and deep ocean. However, because of population growth and rapid urbanization, people largely consume natural resources and pollute the environment such as deforestation in order to manufacture paper and developing lands for urban use which initiate soil erosion. Also, the combustion of fossil fuels causes the air pollution and global warming. In addition, factories discharging untreated sewage contaminates our water and kills many aquatic lives. Our Earth is sick and threatens our lives as well as all other creatures. To recover the health of our Earth, we can start from changing our daily living habits. For example, using public transportation as far as possible, reducing usage of paper and plastic bags, switching off unnecessary electrical appliance, etc.

Apart from the above, we can make use the resources of "Multimedia Information System" to understand the damages of the Earth and the ways to protect it. The e-book "和孩子一起DIY 80件綠色環保玩具" demonstrates how to make use of ordinary household items to make cute toys in an environmental-friendly manner. The audio e-book "地球生病了" describes the major environmental degradation incidents in recent decades, and further explains how humans affect the food chain, atmosphere and tropical rainforests. Let's learn to protect our world together.


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