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Indo-Aryan Languages

Indo-Aryan languages is a branch of the Indo-Iranian group which belongs to the Indo-European language family. They are mainly spoken in South Asia such as Hindi in India, Bengali in Bangladesh, Urdu in Pakistan, Nepali in Nepal, Panjabi in Pakistan and India.

Modern Indo-Aryan languages are descended from Sanskrit and mostly written from left to right in the Devanagari script, say Hindi, Bengali and Nepali. However, others such as Urdu and Panjabi employ Arabic script and written from right to left. Although in different scripts, Hindi and Urdu are closely related and mutually intelligible. On the contrary, Hindi and Bengali seem similar, but they are not mutually intelligible.

In 1999, UNESCO declared 21 February as the International Mother Language Day in commemoration of the Bengali Language Movement in 1952. Bengali is now the second most widely spoken languages in India, behind Hindi.

Interested users could go to the Language Learning Centre of the Hong Kong Central Library or read the e-books thru MMIS to find out more about Indo-Aryan Languages。


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