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Back to the Age of Dinosaur

Hundreds of millions of years ago, dinosaurs used to dominate the earth. There are many types of dinosaurs. Some of them are ferocious predators over the land while some of them are the rulers of the sky. Also, the dinosaur vary greatly in size. Although most of the organisms in the world including dinosaurs became extinct, through careful excavations and modern genetic identification technology, archaeologists and scientists are able to uncover the secret of dinosaurs by means of fossils, skeleton models and virtual reality so that we can understand dinosaurs more specifically and thoroughly. Dear children, have you ever seen any dinosaur fossil in the museum before? Which type of dinosaur do you like most?

We can make use of the Multimedia Information System (MMIS) to learn more about different types of dinosaur and discover their lives. The CD-ROM “重返白堊紀 : 飛天恐龍探索之旅” enables us to travel back to ancient China and explore the age of dinosaur and understand the secret of life evolution. The e-book “恐龍探秘 我的第一套百科全書” adopts fine and delicate pictures as well as simple descriptions to introduce different kinds of dinosaurs to children. Let’s visit the mysterious world of dinosaurs and to meet them through MMIS!


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