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Chinese Idioms

Chinese idioms generally are a collection of phrases or expressions that have figurative and literal meaning in order to express informative contents, which are treasure of Chinese culture. The Chinese culture has a long history, many historical famous people and events were converted to idioms and spread through the society. Also, some classic mythologies and fables were changed to idioms as well. Meanwhile, we use idioms for writing so as to make the content more lively and interesting, thus learning them can improve our writing skills. On the other hand, parents can choose some idiom books for reading with their children. It can not only improve the parent-child relationship, but also develop children’s thinking and associative abilities.

We can make use of various resources in the Multimedia Information System to learn more about interesting Chinese idioms. The e-book "數字成語故事" collects idioms with numbers 1 to 10, and explains the meaning at the end of each story. The CD-ROM "Chinese idioms 1" makes use of colourful cartoons and sound effects to show children how to use idioms in their daily lives correctly. Let us now enter into the wonderful world of idioms.


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