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Travel Round the World

As a common saying goes, “Travelling brings about far greater benefit than mere book learning”. We can obtain knowledge that cannot be acquired in classroom by travel. We may not only get to know new friends and learn new languages, but also understand the cultures and customs of foreign countries. For examples, we can go to museums to explore the history of a country, or try the local cuisines to experience its culinary cultures. Also, we can visit zoos and aquariums to see its distinctive animals so as to enhance our knowledge to its local organisms. Dear kids, what do you want to do when you visit other countries or cities?

We can make use of the Multimedia Information System (MMIS) to realize the characteristics of different countries. The digital video “A journey less ordinary” enables us to admire the beautiful underwater world as well as to introspect the importance of environmental protection. Meanwhile, the e-book “QQ鼠環遊歐洲” allows us to understand the cultures, etiquettes of European countries by passing through their cities and streets. Let’s tour different countries with MMIS!


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