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Marine Life

Marine breeds a lot of creatures. There are varieties of creatures living at sea. Their sizes vary, ranging from tiny unicellular plankton to the world largest animal blue whale. Children can observe and learn marine lives in different geographical regions such as sharks, dolphins, seals and corals through marine parks and books. Whilst some of them can only survive in the freezing polar region, some of them must live in warm tropical areas. Also, many marine organisms are suitable for food, for examples, fishes, shrimps, squid, etc. We can use them to prepare the delicious food. However, nature is losing the balance, marine lives are now endangered as they are driven towards the edge of existence through the overexploitation, habitat destruction and pollution.

We can make use of the Multimedia Information System (MMIS) to learn more about marine life. The Digital Video “海底漫遊. 第四集, 袖珍水世界” demonstrates that even though most of the seabed area in Hong Kong is either sand or mud, we can still discover many special marine organisms at there. The E-Book “大海中的惡棍 沙魚=沙魚” introduces different types, characters and reproduction methods of sharks to children through colorful pictures. Let’s discover the fun of marine life in the MMIS and also learn to protect them.


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