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Arts and Me

Human being use to express their sense and feelings through the creation of arts. Apart from Art Museum and performing arts venues to find the artworks and attend the art performances, we can also discover them in our daily life. For examples, sculptures at shopping malls, drawings at the school notice boards and the broadcasted music in restaurants, etc. No matter at school or home, children can make use of simple tools such as colour pencils and musical instruments to create and perform arts. Moreover, through making artworks, children can not only improve their communication and presentation skills, but also train their thinking and hand-eye coordination abilities.

We can make use of the Multimedia Information System (MMIS) to enhance children’s knowledge of arts and their creativity. The E-Book “小皮皮幼兒素質教育活動教程 幼兒畫冊” use colorful pictures to teach children how to make different kinds of artworks. The CD-ROM “藝術才子.不可思議的摺紙” demonstrates how to make cute animals easily by using paper and following related steps. Let’s explore the boundless world of arts.


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