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Be My Friends

Good friends would be just like our relatives. If we encounter any difficulties, we can seek help from our friends. When we feel sorrow, we can also talk with them. To meet new friends, children can bravely try to chat with their classmates, and then invite them to play together so as to build up friendship. Through making new friends, children can not only train their communication skill with their friends, but also train them how to consider and respect the others. Besides, when studying together with friends, we can improve our effectiveness through discussion and share experience among each other.

We can make use of the Multimedia Information System (MMIS) to know more about the information of friendship. The e-book “交朋友” describes the main character “西西” how to take his courage to make new friends in a child’s birthday party. The DVD “Shapes. Vol. 2, Kindness & friendship” adopts interesting story and cute geometric animal characters to let children understand the importance of friends. Let’s use the MMIS to learn how to be a good friend.


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