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The Music World

We meet different kinds of music every day from baby stage and music has already integrated into our daily life. In ancient times, human being used stones, branches and shells making musical instruments, playing and beating them to compose music so as to express their emotions. Besides, the playing methods are different from people’s cultural background and geographic locations. For examples, the melody, rhythm and musical instruments are diverse between the music of Chinese, European and African. In fact, music changes as time passes. There are many differences between classical music and modern popular music. Dear children, how far do you know about music?

We can make use of the Multimedia Information System (MMIS) to learn different kinds of music information. The CD-ROM “Songs & rhymes兒歌童謠” enables children to understand the meaning of the lyrics while listening to the music. The e-book “音樂Do Re Mi” introduces the playing methods of different musical instruments, their histories and cultural backgrounds through lively pictures. Let’s use the MMIS to explore the territory of music.


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