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Famous Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are the best reading materials accompanied children growth. They interest in the content of the story, development of characters and consequences of heroes and also villains. Through reading fairy tales, children can develop their imagination as well as teach them the correct conduct of life. Besides, parents read the fairy tales together with their children not only foster their interest in reading, but also improve the parent-child relationship. Dear children, how many fairy tales have you read? Which character do you like most?

We can make use of the Multimedia Information System to discover more about the fairy tales. The CD-ROM “Chinese fairy tales” selects the fairy tales with fun and engaging languages. Children can learn the Chinese language, and also enhance their ability of reading and presentation skills. The E-book “小紅帽:英漢對照 格林童話選;新課標英語學習資源庫” describes the famous folktales in both Chinese and English, which enables children to learn the proper manner to get along with people in an easy way. Let’s enter into the wonderful world of fairy tales.


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