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Sports World

In order to stay healthy, apart from keeping balanced diet and taking enough rest, we also need to do some physical exercise. Complemented with regular physical exercise is not only foster our normal metabolic rate and weight control, but also strengthen our immunity. Also, children can build up better relationship between their parents and friends by doing exercise together with them. Besides, amongst many kinds of sport such as football, swimming, basketball and cycling, which one do you like most? How well do you know about these sports?

We can make use of the Multimedia Information System to explore and learn more about sports and different kinds of exercise. Children learn about different kinds of sports as well as new English words from the CD-ROM “香港互動教學練習室. 小學初級英文拼字. 運動篇”. Video “Barney. Ready set play!” introduces the correct manner of doing exercise to the children, and shares the experience of healthy growth. Let’s discover the fun of sport.


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