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Learning English and Putonghua

Hong Kong as a cosmopolitan city, apart from Cantonese, English and Putonghua are the most common languages used in Hong Kong. English, while most countries recognize it as their official language, is known as the widely spoken language in the world. Therefore, learning English can help us to communicate with other people in the world easily. On the other hand, in view of the close relations between the Mainland China and Hong Kong, learning Putonghua can not only help children to communicate with each other effectively, but also can facilitate them to know the culture and habit of each other.

In addition to train up children by communicating with them with English and Putonghua in daily life, parents can also teach them both languages by making use of different resources in the Multimedia Information System (MMIS). The VCD "普通話親子劇場. 從前有個外星人" describes the school life of students and lets children learn Putonghua while watching the video. The CD-ROM “Discovering Chinese Vol. 3 = 奇妙中文” presents lively designed cartoon associated with the English titles and Putonghua phonetics, which enable children to learn English and Putonghua easily. Let’s click the MMIS and learn English and Putonghua with fun!


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