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World of Flowers and Plants

Winter is leaving us gradually while Spring returns quietly. All living things recover from their vitality progressively. Buds are sprouting on the trees and flowers, as well as some animals awoke from their long hibernation. In Spring, some flowers cannot wait to show off their beauties. For example, White Bauhinia, Acacia Confusa and Bombax Ceiba are common plants in Hong Kong that blossoming in early spring. How about their characteristic and the meaning of the flowers? Children can accompany with their parents to visit the large parks nearby or country parks and also evaluate their knowledge on flowers and plants by observing the ecology of plant.

Children can make use of different resources in the Multimedia Information System to learn about the knowledge of flowers and plants. The e-book “一花一世界 你所不知的植物故事” introduces the origins of plant names and the stories behind in detail. The video “萬紫千紅. 1, 嬌艷的玫瑰” and e-book “盆栽花卉 采菊東籬下·休閑好時光--花卉篇” teach children how to plant different types of flowers and let them experience the joy of planting. Let’s enter into the world of flowers and plants.


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