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Happy Lunar New Year

The coming Lunar New Year will fall in February. Kids and their relatives not only have long holidays, but also taste different kind of food for the Season! Before Lunar New Year, all families start their preparation work, such as household cleansing, purchasing New Year commodities and posting up ‘Fai Chun’, etc. At Lunar New Year Eve, all family members join together to have a New Year’s Eve dinner. Meanwhile, there are many traditional celebration activities for it, such as letting off firecrackers, lion dance and pray for blessing, etc. On the other hand, there are many stories about the origins of Lunar New Year. Dear children, do you know how many of them?

In the Multimedia Information System, kids can know more about traditional customs and knowledge of Lunar New Year through different resources. Electronic Resource “Kiss Holiday” introduces children the origin and meaning of Lunar New Year in a lively manner through animated stories and games. Video “開口唸好詩. 6, 春節 : 元日、歲日” not only helps kids to understand the meaning of Lunar New Year poetries, but also learn the interesting customs. Wishing you all a happy Lunar New Year!


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