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Mathematics Games

Through learning Mathematics, children can not only improve their logical thinking and understanding capacity, but also help them to solve the problems encountered in their daily life. Nowadays, the fast-growing information technology, learning Mathematics should not only be limited at classroom, there are various learning materials available in the world of multimedia information, from which children can learn Mathematics through playing the interesting games.

There are different kinds of Mathematics games resources available for children to discover the mystery of Mathematics by using Multimedia Information System (MMIS). CD-ROM“戰艦360 : 學習數學奧林匹克 (初階)” includes different interactive games which can strengthen children's understanding of Mathematical Olympiad. It can improve and train the mental arithmetic and thinking skills, as well as increase the ability of problem solving of children. Video“班尼 數數看找數字” further enhance children’s interest in mathematics by means of funny and interesting story. Let’s click into MMIS and explore the joy of Mathematics.


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