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Croatian and Serbian

Croatian is one of the official languages of the Republic of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Croatian is a Slavic language spoken by around 5 million people. Since most of the letters in the Croatian alphabet look and sound much like English, Croatian is considered one of the easiest of all the European languages for English speakers to pronounce. The learner may find spelling Croatian is easy as spelling is largely phonetic, which means that words are written exactly as they are pronounced.

Serbian and Croatian are quite similar and they are mutually understandable. Serbian is also a Slavic language but has two writing system, Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. It is one of the official languages of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the years many international words have been adapted for use in Serbian, which are easily recognized, such as taksi (taxi) or kafa (coffee).

Interested users could go to the Language Learning Centre of the Hong Kong Central Library to find out more about Croatian and Serbian.


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