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Space Adventure

For thousands of years, people are curious about the universe. From the very beginning just to use eyes for exploring the astrology, and now using space telescope to analyze and explore different sizes of planets, Solar System and the Milky Way. People become more enthusiastic about how to use spacecraft for flight in outer space to explore or even want to migrate to the Mars. With the continuous development of technology, we may be able to have tour by spacecraft to observe and know more about this beautiful and mysterious universe in future.

We can use different resources in the Multimedia Information System (MMIS) to learn more about the mysteries of space. The audio e-book “太陽系的八大行星” introduces the eight planets of the solar system through pictures, words and audio. The CD-ROM “歐姆的宇宙歷險” contains different interactive games to teach children astronomy and let them experience the fun of being an astronaut. The video “The Magic School Bus sees stars” is about the adventure of kids to explore the stars in space. Let’s click the MMIS resources to learn more about the knowledge of space!


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