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Chinese Traditional Virtues

Chinese culture is extensive and profound, it emphasizes the importance of traditional virtues including loyalty, filial piety, propriety, righteousness, etc. The ancestors taught their children in the early childhood about virtues through simple words and stories “Three Character Classic”, which was suitable for childhood reading. In addition, stories with moral education such as《郯子鹿乳》and《孔融讓梨》with clear and straightforward contents, helping children to learn filial piety and brotherly love so that they can understand how to respect their parents and teachers, and being friendly to brothers. It leads the traditional Chinese culture being passed on to our next generations.

Apart from the above multimedia materials, we select different resources in Multimedia Information System (MMIS) relating to Chinese virtues for children. The video series “中華德育故事” thoroughly explains eight types of Chinese traditional virtues via interesting and interactive animation. The CD-ROM “歷史成語說中國. 第1集” includes hundreds of stories that children can learn idioms, as well as to understand the importance of Chinese virtues presented by our well known antecessors. It is expected that children could learn Chinese traditional virtues and nurturing virtues and values through MMIS resources.


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