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Going to School

Summer holiday has come to an end, and it’s time for all students to get back to school. For those kids who are either start kindergarten or primary school, they should prepare to face the great changes of study environment and try to make some new friends. Parents should also equip themselves to help the kids in adapting the changes. Let’s get ready for the new school year!

In order to help kids in adapting the new school life, we can make use of different kinds of useful videos and E-books in Multimedia Information System (MMIS). For example, the E-book, ‘It's the first day of kindergarten, Chloe Zoe’, illustrates the experience of Chole Zoe on her first day in kindergarten, children could get a general idea of what to expect on this special day. Video ‘過關上學:深港跨境學童紀實’ records the real life of cross boundary students between Shenzhen and Hong Kong and their way to go to school. From the video‘我不想去上學. 8’ parents can find out the reason why the children are not willing to go to school. Let’s be equipped through the materials of MMIS and get back to school happily!


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