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The appearance and living habits of elephants, monkeys, dogs, rabbits are great different from human beings, however, they have close relationship. Both animals and human beings are mammals and we actually have some common features! For example, most of the mammals are viviparous and we both have mammary glands, making us able to feed our next generation. Do we have any other common characteristics? How can we classify mammals? Let's look for the answers through the multimedia resources.

Kids can use different resources in the Multimedia Information System (MMIS) such as the electronic resources, videos and CD-ROMs to learn more about mammals. Video, ‘Swinging Safari Really wild animals’, introduces how the mammals like cheetah, rhinoceros and elephants survival in Africa. E-book, ‘卵生的哺乳動物 鴨嘴獸’, introduces us one of the egg-laying mammals, platypus in detail. Kids can also know the mammals inhabits in Asia, Africa and Amazon from the CD-ROM, ‘Let's explore the jungle’. Let’s click and open the gate of learning through MMIS.


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