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Joy of Reading

Reading is not only broadening our knowledge, but also enhancing our language skills. Through reading different variety of books, we can gain knowledge in different aspects. We can also enhance language skills by learning structures, sentences and vocabularies through reading literature. Besides, we can also train up our thinking skills by the reading comprehension. Apart from learning, it is enjoyable to read different kinds of books that we are interested in. Now, let’s explore the joy of reading through the Multimedia Information System (MMIS).

E-databases “FunPark” provides e-books consisting of the theme “fun” on moral values education through interesting interactive interfaces. CD-ROM “Fable stories 2” includes 24 tales, children can be inspired by these easy and funny short stories. Children can know the history and social conditions through the vivid and interesting comics e-book “Outlaws of the Marsh” edited from children's magazine “Children’s Paradise” which is first full-colour magazine published in Hong Kong. It hopes that children can enjoy reading through the funny and interactive MMIS resources and become booklovers.


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