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Easy to Learn Chinese

Chinese plays an important role in our daily life, which is also the official language in Hong Kong that kids should learn it well. Children have already learnt some vocabularies in daily life. However, to be proficient in Chinese, it is necessary to lay a solid foundation in writing and grammar skills. Though it seems difficult to learn Chinese writing and grammar, children can learn these skills easily while playing through the Multimedia Information System.

CD-ROM, “Chinese idioms 1” helps kids to understand the stories behind idioms and use idioms appropriately with vivid animations. Video, “Learn Chinese with Doby & Disy. Vol. 1-52” can help kids to learn Chinese characters when go through an interesting stories with the little detective. Kids can also improve reading and writing skills through reading, therefore, electronic books such as award-winning literature “電車小叮在哪裡? ” is selected for them. Let’s learn Chinese through different audio-visual materials.


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