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Our Weather

Weather is closely related to our daily lives, good or bad weather is also affected our daily activities, for example, we should wear more clothes in cold weather; under adverse weather such as typhoons and rainstorms that schools will be suspended or it may lead to casualties and damages. Why the weather is hard to predict? What is the weather in different seasons? How can we prevent from disasters due to adverse weather? Let’s go to Multimedia Information System (MMIS) to find the answers.

In MMIS, there are some practical and funny audio-visual materials which help children to learn about weather. The video, “Serving the community” introduces the duties of the Hong Kong Observatory and methods to predict weather. Electronic Book, “颱風來囉! ”provide information on typhoon and precaution measures against typhoon. Through watching video, “Disney fun with English. Vol.5, On holiday & weather”, children can learn English on weather and know how changes of weather affect us. Let’s know more weather from MMIS and become a ‘Master of Weather’!


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