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Let's Go Farming

Hong Kong has less farmland than before due to the urban development. Children living in this city have few opportunities to go the countryside and also have not much knowledge on farming even agricultural activities. The fruit, vegetables, wheat, rice and all kind of crops are come from the small seeds or saplings, and also the harvests of the farmers after worked hard.

Apart from going to the countryside, Multimedia Information System (MMIS) provides an alternative way for children to learn more about farming. Children can learn how to grow rice through cultivation from “米從哪裡來”;“Baby MacDonald” introduces different kind of plants and crops; “小伙子大攪作. 尋找陌生人完成委派任務” shows kids can experience the toil of farmers by ploughing and hoeing in the field. Through the selected MMIS materials, children can know more about farming and also cherish food and care all crops in the nature.


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