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Healthy Eating

Having a healthy habit is important for children to build up a strong and healthy physique. Nutritional deficiencies may not only hinder the body growth of children, but also affect their intelligence development and learning ability. In contrast, excessive ingestion of nutrition or imbalance of diet may cause negative impact to body such as obesity. Therefore, ‘Healthy Eating’ is essential for the growth of children.

Selected videos in the Multimedia Information System may give us some tips on how to have “Healthy Eating”. Children can learn how to eat wisely through “食都要高清.第四集小食都要營”. “Picky eaters: mealtime tips for parents” and “Preventing childhood obesity” give some suggestions for parents to handle picky eating and prevent their child from obesity. “食都要高清.第七集校園新食力” shows how to develop the habit of healthy eating in school. Let’s learn to be a healthy kid.


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