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Protect Our Environment

Environmental pollution is not only harmful to our living place, but also our daily life. We must protect our environment in order to provide a better environment for future generations.

To protect our environment, firstly watch and enjoy the beautiful scene of nature in Hong Kong. Lovely marine parks and wildlife are introduced in the selected multimedia resources such as “Hong Kong Marine Parks”. Secondly, learn the relationship between the environment and human being. The selected videos elaborate that how our daily life affect the ecological environment. For example, the video program“綠由心生. 留有餘地”tells us that construction works threaten the lives of wild animals and pollute the water and lands. Thirdly, take action to protect the environment in our daily life. Through the selected video“環保小尖兵”, we can learn to reduce, to recycle and to reuse wastes and to have a low carbon living style.

Through the Multimedia Information System, children can learn a lot and get involved in protecting the environment in our daily life. Let’s click and learn together!


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