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Learning Putonghua

In recent decades, learning Putonghua has become much popular and important in Hong Kong. Children start to learn Putonghua at either kindergartens or primary schools. Besides, there are some easy and quick methods to learn or improve Putonghua, such as watching video programmes, listening to mandarin songs and accessing to electronic resources for language learning.

During watching video programmes, children can learn more about daily conversation for different scenarios in daily living. For example, children can watch video programme, “Mandarin conversation for children”. Besides, listening to mandarin songs for children can also be a simple and easy way for children to learn Putonghua. Through listening or singing mandarin songs, children can easily memorize the pronunciation of the words. In addition, children can learn Putonghua by accessing to electronic resources. For example, they can learn vowels, consonants and tones when playing the intellectual CD-ROM, “Mandarin Chinese by phonic symbols”.

Let us explore more electronic resources on learning Putonghua by clicking to the selected multimedia resources in the Multimedia Information System.


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