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Parent-child Reading

Parents are always the role model of their children. Parents wish their children have a happy childhood. To develop a good parent-child reading habit is important to the growth of children, such as personality, behaviour and emotions. Through the parent-child reading, parents can cultivate children’s interest and knowledge. Moreover, parents and children are sharing and learning from each other when reading together.

Parent-child reading can also enhance the relationship between parents and children. During the parent-child reading, parents will build up an intimate relationship with their children through communication. Besides, children will develop positive attitudes and moral values through reading with parents. Parents have to be prudent when selecting suitable reading materials for their children.

Certainly, parents want to know the key methods and skills in parent-child reading. Selections of multimedia resources are recommended for parents, in which experts, academics or writers share the skills on parent-child reading, and how to select suitable reading materials for them. Let us click to the Multimedia Information System (MMIS) with fingertips and learn more.


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