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Transportation has been playing an important role in our daily life. Every day we take different means of public transportation to go to various destinations, nearby or far away. For example, we ride on a bus to go to school or office, or get on board an air plane to travel to other countries. With the advanced technology, there are innovations on the appearance and manufacture of transportation. There are three main types of transportation, namely, land transportation, sea transportation and air transportation.

Land transportation includes tram, bus, and train. Tram is one of the earliest means of public transportation in Hong Kong Island, which has been providing service to the public in Hong Kong Island since 1904. Bus and train belong to mass transportation system which can carry many passengers to reach different locations in Hong Kong. Public ferry is a kind of sea transportation, which carries passengers to sail across the Victoria Harbour and reach to outlying islands in Hong Kong. For air transportation, air plane can carry passengers to overseas countries within a speedy flight, e.g. United States, France, Australia, which are long distances away from Hong Kong.

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