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Animated Classics for Children

Children love animations and have their favourite animations. Some famous animated classics, like “Alice in Wonderland”, “Sindbad the Sailor”, “My neighbor Totoro”, have been watched by parents when they were kids. How much do you know about the animated classics? Let us explore more about animated classics together.

There are different kinds of animated classics, mainly from China, Japan, and Western countries. For example, “Cartooned Chinese Fables & Parables” is an educational television program series in Hong Kong. Through watching the cartoon series, children can learn Chinese fables and parables with Dr. Panda in a funny and enjoyable way. Another classical and well-known animation from Japan is “Doraemon”. "Doraemon" is a robotic cat which comes from future. It helps a young boy, “Nobita”, to solve problems in daily lives with new inventions from the future. Children will be inspired with creativity mind through the varieties of new inventions in ‘‘Doraemon”. “Around the world in eighty days” illustrates the adventure of Mr. Phileas Fogg and his servant Mr. Passepartout around the world in eighty days in the nineteenth century. The adventure mentions about crossing the oceans and visiting the big cities like London, Bombay, Yokohama, New York, etc. Children will experience their bravery and exciting adventures through watching this animation.

Watching animations is a good parent-child activity. It is time for parents and children to enjoy watching their favourite animated classics together. Just use your fingertips to click on the interested item from the selections of animated classics for children in the Multimedia Information System.


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