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Chinese Culture

Playing lanterns and eating mooncake in Mid-Autumn Festival, having dim sum and tea in Chinese restaurant, learning Chinese idioms and proverbs in school……children are experiencing Chinese culture in their daily lives. Chinese culture has profound history, it is inherited from our ancestors and showed in various facets, including language, customs and folklores, arts and performance, food and even more. Through learning Chinese language, children can know more about social standards and norms of thousands of years ago. Famous classical works , ‘Three Character Classic’ and ‘Di Zi Gui’ are classical works for children to learn Chinese culture and traditional moral values.

Chinese culture is also inherited from customs and folklores, arts and performance, food in the traditional festivals. During Lunar New Year, we receive red packets and watch lion dance to celebrate the beginning of a new year. Besides, performance of Cantonese operas and Lunar New Year markets are organized in different cultural and leisure venues to highlight the festival. During Tuen Ng festival, we eat rice dumplings and watch dragon boat race to memorize the great person, Qu Yuan.

Chinese culture is worth of learning, preservation and inheritance. You can just access to Multimedia Information System and click on the selected multimedia resources including electronic resources, audio and visual materials. Let us learn and explore more about Chinese culture on the finger tips!


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