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World of Insects

Ants, bees, butterflies are known as insects. What are the characteristics of insects? According to the reference tools like Encyclopedia Britannica and Grolier online, insects are members of a larger group called arthropods. They represent the most diverse species in the world, 750,000 species of insects were known, and new species are still being discovered. The body of an insect has three main parts – a head, a thorax and an abdomen. It has six legs, two compound eyes, a pair of feelers, and usually has either one wing or a pair of wings.

Some insects are useful and make contributions to human’s life. For example, bees produce honey for food; silkworms (larva of moths) spit out silk for making clothes. Insects also help to carry pollens from flowers to flowers, and reproduce plants and fruits. Insects are also important to the whole ecosystem, they serve as food for other animals, and help decompose dead bodies of animals or rotten wood in the wild. However, some insects are harmful; they may spread germs, damage our home furniture or destroy agricultural crops. For example, flies and cockroaches spread germs, the termites eat wooden furniture in our house, and locusts may eat up crops.

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