• A Reminiscence of Hong Kong

    Through glimpse of digital resources and audio video recordings specially selected, we can revisit places of old Hong Kong and stories in the early days to recollect the memories of Hong Kong in the past.
  • Old HK Newspapers

    Providing the electronic version of 12 major old Hong Kong newspapers published from 1853 to 1991. Valuable reference to the history and development of Hong Kong over the past century.
  • Hong Kong Oral History Collection

    Covering a wide range of oral history records, their related research outputs and publications on Hong Kong studies and related audiovisual programmes.

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''For his first-ever opera, Andre Previn turned to one of the most celebrated plays in the history of American theater, Tennessee Williams' Pulitzer Prize-winning A streetcar named desire. He saw the haunting story of lost youth and innocence in the romantic, shadowy world of New Orleans as ideal material to work on: ''Its an opera already'' he said, ''except that it doesn’t have any music.'' Collaborating with librettist Philip Littell, Previn has captured all the claustrophobic tension, volatile emotion and sexual undertow of William’s original in his own Streetcar''--Insert.

News in History

華僑日報, 1988-04-18


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The China Mail, 1949-04-18

Double - Decker Bus In Kowloon.
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